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Learn how to use the twitter:player:height meta tag to improve your site.

Specifies the height of the iframe containing a video or audio player on Twitter cards.

Code Examples

<meta name="twitter:player:height" content="320" />
Sets the player height to 320 pixels, suitable for standard mobile screens.
<meta name="twitter:player:height" content="480" />
Defines the player height as 480 pixels, which works well for larger screens or landscape videos.
<meta name="twitter:player:height" content="100%" />
Using percentage values can lead to incorrect display since Twitter expects a fixed pixel value.
<meta name="twitter:player:height" content="6000" />
Excessively high values can lead to display issues, ensuring the value is practical and fits most screens.


  • Match Player Dimensions
    Ensure the height matches the actual height of your player to prevent layout issues.
  • Use with twitter:player:width
    Always use in conjunction with twitter:player:width to define the correct aspect ratio.

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Related Meta Tags

Defines the numeric ID of your iPad application in the Apple App Store, enabling Twitter to link to it when your content is shared.

<meta name="twitter:app:id:ipad" content="307234931">
Specifies the App Store ID for an iPad application, directly guiding Twitter users to the app when shared.

Defines the iPhone app ID in the Apple App Store for deep linking from tweets. This is part of Twitter Cards used to enhance tweets with rich media to direct users to web content directly or through an app.

<meta name="twitter:app:id:iphone" content="307234931">
A valid example of an App Store ID used for the Twitter iPhone app, facilitating direct app opens or installations from tweets.

Specifies the unique application ID for a Google Play app, used within Twitter Cards to direct users to a specific Android app.

<meta name="twitter:app:id:googleplay" content="com.example.app">
Correctly specifies the Google Play Store ID, ensuring Twitter can direct users to the appropriate app page.

Specifies the name of your application tailored for iPad users when sharing content on Twitter.

<meta name="twitter:app:name:ipad" content="My Amazing App">
Clearly specifies the name of the application as "My Amazing App", which is direct and memorable.

Specifies the name of your Android app on the Google Play Store. This is utilized in Twitter Cards when you want to promote a mobile application directly from a tweet.

<meta name="twitter:app:name:googleplay" content="MyApp">
Directly matching the app name on the Google Play Store, ensuring accurate and effective promotion.