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Learn how to use the tag rel link tag to improve your site.

The "tag" link relation is used to indicate a keyword or tag labeling a piece of content. This can be useful for SEO purposes, helping to categorize content for search engines for better indexing and searchability.

Code Examples

<link rel="tag" href="https://example.com/tags/web-development">
Correctly points to a tag page that categorizes content under "web development".
<link rel="tag" href="https://example.com/tags/everything">
Too broad and vague, not providing specific categorization, which diminishes SEO value.


  • Keep It Relevant
    Ensure keywords are directly relevant to the content. Irrelevant keywords can confuse search engines and users.
  • Don’t Overuse
    Limit the number of tags per page to prevent dilution of keyword relevance. Too many tags can be perceived as keyword stuffing.

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