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Learn how to use the manifest rel link tag to improve your site.

The manifest link tag is used to link a web application to a JSON manifest file. This file contains metadata about the web app such as its name, icons, and start URL. It is a key component in creating a Progressive Web App (PWA) that can be installed on a user’s device.

Code Examples

<link rel="manifest" href="/manifest.json">
Correctly links to the manifest file located at the root of the website.
<link rel="manifest" href="site.webmanifest">
Specifies a manifest file without leading slash might cause issues if the page URL changes or if accessed from different subpaths.


  • Ensure JSON Validity
    The manifest file must be valid JSON. Even small errors can prevent it from being processed.
  • Start URL Scope
    Ensure the start_url in the manifest is within the scope of the web app. This prevents the app from starting on an unrelated page.

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