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Learn how to use the bookmark rel link tag to improve your site.

The "bookmark" link relation is used to indicate a permanent URL associated with the linking document where it is meant to be saved or bookmarked as a permanent link. This can be used for articles, blog posts, or other content that readers might want to reference or return to later.

Code Examples

<link rel="bookmark" href="https://example.com/important-article" />
Correctly specifies the bookmark URL for an important article, suggesting that this link is a good candidate for saving or bookmarking.
<link rel="bookmark" href="/temporary-page">
Uses a relative URL for a page that might change or be removed, which could confuse users who save this bookmark.


  • Promote Key Content
    Use the bookmark rel tag on URLs you especially want users to save. It’s a great way to highlight important or cornerstone content.
  • Ensure Stability
    Bookmark URLs should be stable. Avoid using it on URLs that might change or disappear to prevent dead links in users’ bookmarks.

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