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Learn how to use the prerender rel link tag to improve your site.

The prerender link element instructs the browser to fetch and render a specified webpage in the background, speeding up its display when the user actually navigates to it.

Code Examples

<link rel="prerender" href="https://example.com/next-page">
Correctly instructs the browser to prerender "next-page" in anticipation of the user’s next action.
<link rel="prerender" href="https://example.com">
Prerendering the homepage can be redundant or wasteful, especially if the user is already there or if there are no strong signals they will return to it next.


  • Control Usage
    Use sparingly as it can consume a lot of resources. Ideal for scenarios where there’s a high certainty the user will visit the prerendered page next.
  • Monitor Performance
    Regularly monitor your site’s performance and prerender effectiveness to ensure it does not negatively impact your overall site speed.

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